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Recovery Tips


If you're in recovery from a substance use disorder, you know how much work it took to get there,

and you'll want to do everything possible to avoid having a relapse.

Employing these recovery tips will help you to stay sober and transform your life.

Recovery Tips
These are just a few key recovery tips to focus on...


♦ Work with a treatment specialist or treatment center to get the help and support you need to remain sober.


♦ Attend regular meetings such as those offered by a 12-step program.
Alcoholics Anonymous-Most Effective Treatment.


♦ Develop faith in your higher power and let go of what you cannot control.


♦ Pay attention to your diet, sleep and physical activity.


♦ Seek assistance from loved ones and peers in the recovery community to build a supportive network. Don’t isolate yourself.


♦ Discover healthy ways to manage stress using techniques such as yoga, meditation, and building a strong spiritual connection.


♦ Stay out of risky situations such as attending a party where you know drugs and alcohol will be present.