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Alcoholics Anonymous-Most Effective Treatment




A researcher from Stanford was able to perform an extensive review on Alcoholics Anonymous and numerous past studies that have been performed. It was officially revealed on 03/11/2020 that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is “the most effective path to abstinence”.


The work of 145 previous researchers was reviewed. It was found that social interaction is a crucial component in each of the 10,080 participants in the study who attended AA.


AA members are able to receive emotional support, guidance, and practical advice from other members in the 12-step recovery program. Each individual is attempting to change their behaviors and Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent way to meet other people who have made or are currently attempting to make the change from -- alcoholism to abstinence.


Up until this point, some treatment providers and therapists were skeptical that AA is an effective path to abstinence and instead perceived that individuals with numerous degrees providing psychotherapy are much more effective than AA. However, this is not what the research shows.


One study found that AA and Twelve-Step Facilitation therapy was immensely cost saving. Twelve Step facilitation therapy is an organized, articulated, clinical treatment that is evidenced based and empirically validated approach. This approach to addiction treatment has one of the best and most effective results.


At Reprieve Recovery Center, we will continue to utilize the most highly effective methods of addiction treatment and continue to ensure that we can amplify the benefit of our clients’ participation within Alcoholics Anonymous.


07/30/2020 – Lauren Tynes


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