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Reprieve Recovery Center

Reprieve, a recovery center located in the West Palm Beach area, employs the most effective
practices and all-inclusive services for each individual client, based on their unique care.
Reprieve Recovery Center (RRC) family treats the whole body, mind & spirit of the client. We offer highly progressive addiction treatments and therapeutic modalities. Our success driven services enable our clients to achieve a long-term, substance-free way of life and abstain from future lapses. By fostering a culture of recovery, that promotes abstinence and healthy living; our clients are motivated to regain their hopes, dreams and family bonds. Creating the best environment where our well trained, compassionate staff is able to be an individual, know that they are appreciated and add their own creative ideas to make the company strive to provide our clients with the best care possible.
What our clients are saying

I would recommend this facility to anyone!


Above and beyond my expectations. The Reprieve staff is the most caring and compassionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The accommodations are white-glove clean. The therapeutic value alone is literally priceless. I would recommend Reprieve to anyone suffering from alcoholism/addiction. Loved my therapist Rebecca, she was so sweet and caring…really helped me get to the root of my disease/problems. Also, Amanda T.’s groups were beyond amazing!! I went to a lot of IOP’s where I literally dreaded going to group every week but she always kept it interesting and even did psychodramas which were intense but helped me overcome a lot of my past trauma that I always thought no longer affected me but clearly I was wrong. I finally no longer let the person I was in my addiction affect my attitude and perspective on the amazing person I am today…clean and sober. Mikes process groups were always a fun time also lol. I’m now coming up on 6 months, can’t wait to go back and share my story with my friends. If you are a client here or thinking of going here I highly recommend you stick with it!!! I’ve met my second family for life. <3


There is a lot of corrupt and fraudulent activity going on in south Florida right now when it comes to rehabs and halfway houses. BUT Reprieve IOP has integrity and compassion. Group therapy, trauma work, psychodrama, and individual therapy are all integrated into the program. And the sobriety is based on what has worked for millions of addicts and alcoholics for the past 80yrs. I am grateful for Reprieve.


Reprieve has been a truly life-changing, life-saving, experience for me. The clinical staff is amazing. The therapy I have received has been so beneficial towards long term healing and recovery. There is such a family element here. I feel welcome and safe. The staff is phenomenal. They help set the tone for what real recovery looks like. Everyone helps everyone. It’s so beautiful and I am so grateful for this establishment and the beautiful people that are now in my world because of it. I refer everyone and anyone suffering to Reprieve as it has changed my life dramatically, for the better.


My experience with Reprieve is something I will never forget. I came to South Florida for a sober living program & wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The love I have for the people here & the love they have for me is overwhelming and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They genuinely care about you & your well being & show it every day, unlike other places I’ve been too. If you are seeking help & need people who truly understand you I highly recommended & I usually wouldn’t say that about any treatment facility, I thank all the girls & staff for being here even when I didn’t want it.”


While at Reprieve learned a lot about myself and life in general. Reprieve continually held me accountable for my sobriety and presented me with the knowledge and tools to not only stay sober but to LIVE LIFE sober. The moment I stepped in the door, I was welcomed with open arms from both the staff and the community. I would recommend this facility to anyone seek Drug Abuse Therapy.


Best Treatment by far I’ve recommended this place to many individuals that have been to numerous places to get sober. Not having any success time after time until they went to Reprieve. The staff and willingness to help others in the community is astonishing. Highly suggest Reprieve to anyone looking for help to get sober and stay sober!


With everything going on now a days and all the corruption Reprieve Recovery has been excellent and has saved or sons life. It was so hard for us to send him down to Florida and place his life in the care of people we did not know. Everyone from the admissions counselors, to the case managers and therapists were all so responsive and kept our family updated every step of the way. Chris and Jess were, and still are, our sons guardian angels during a time we had to cut the cord and let him go away to get well. They were always available at all hours answering my crazy “worried mom” questions and concerns around the clock the first two weeks he was down there- I liked that they lived on the property. (What can I say I’m a worried mom, had to work on letting go a bit). Anyway, he has been a thousand times better, has a job, and was given the time to get back on his feet to create a life for himself. The light is back on in his eyes!! Our family is whole again thanks to this center. If you are a worried mother, father, son, daughter, family member, whatever the case is… do not hesitate to give this center a call….they will not steer you wrong. They are one of the good guys and will make sure you are a part of the treatment process and healing. Thanks guys! I sure bet you don’t miss me texting you all time time! Lol….god bless.


I have struggled with addiction for several years now. I never thought I would be able to stay sober. Going to Reprieve was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The staff is amazing and helped me grow as an individual. The facility and the treatment I received here didn’t just teach me how cope with a drug problem they helped me cope with life, and find the beauty in living again. I recommend all of the therapists, group facilitators, and the entire staff to anyone who is ready to change their life. I worked on my addiction but also received help with codependency, Trauma, self esteem and self worth. This is the best place I could have gone for myself and am truly thankful for everyone at Reprieve.


I would suggest anyone SERIOUS about sobriety to go here! I always receive unconditional love whenever I stop by and it’s amazing! They really care about each and every person that goes there and it shows every day.


It’s hard to find safe place in the LGBT community for treatment Reprieve has helped me get back on my feet and on my way to recovery in a safe supportive environment so grateful to have found this place the clinical team is knowledgeable and supportive I love my therapist and caseworker who have helped me navigate early recovery I was homeless living in deplorable conditions with no hope and now have just found employment and can see a possibility of a brighter future.


Reprieve has shown me nothing but love and compassion since day one. All staff is very supportive and also very relatable which was really helpful for me. Reprieve truly breaks the stigma of the bad stuff you hear about treatment in south Florida. They genuinely care about everyone and help you progress spirituality and mentally.


Being here was the best experience I have ever had with a treatment center and I have been through a lot of them in the past 15 years. Because of this place the owners, the friends I made while I was there, and through god I will be coming up on 2 years sober. Thank you guys so much for everything you have done for me. Also Dr. Charlie is the most amazing doctor I have ever been to and I completely trust him. I still go to him today through his private practice. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this place and I recommend this place to everyone who asks me where I suggest to go for treatment.