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Debunking Recovery Myths


In the field of addiction, there are many alleged facts, many people in various situations hear these myths and believe them to be true. It is vital not to believe everything you hear and to misinterpret these common sayings to be facts. A few pointers to help you determine facts from opinions: utilize reliable sources, listen to trained professionals and do your own research.


Here are some of the most popular recovery myths, debunked!


Addicts have no hope: This is 100% false. There is always hope. There is always a way to help and be helped. Addiction doesn’t mean failure, it just means that you need some assistance to get better.


Addicts can just stop being addicts: Obviously, this is one is false. Addiction is a disease, one in which most people need treatment to recover.


Relapse means failure: Relapse doesn’t mean failure at all. Recovery is a long process and often can be treated medically. And just like all medical treatments, recovery for addiction doesn’t always work the first time.


Treatment is expensive:  Yes, some recovery options can be expensive, but others are not. Some subsidized government programs can help, and there are 12-step support groups that are free. Medicare and Medicaid or even insurance also may even cover your treatment. And not all treatment options are the same. Inpatient may be more expensive than outpatient.


Treatment always works right away: Unfortunately, this one is false. As much as we wish a 30-day rehab stay will cure everything forever, it isn’t true. Recovery is a long and continuous process that must carry on even after rehab. Many addicts have gone to multiple rehabs, multiple times.


I’ll have religion forced on me: Not everyone finds religion to be helpful or a stable foundation in their desire to get better. For some, religion being forced upon them can cause a negative effect. There are many different programs that don’t use religion as a tool. So, before checking into a facility, see what their program's values are and make sure that it is right for you.


People will judge me: Sadly, there will always be people in life who will judge us, about anything. But when it comes to recovery, no one will judge you for deciding to change your life for the better. Treatment and support groups are always supportive.


Detoxing is very scary: Movies and television shows would make anyone believe that this is true. And yes, we won’t lie, it can be scary. However, treatment facilities are experts at making this transition easy and comfortable for every person. Therefore, detoxing in a facility is always better than going at it alone.


People who are in recovery can’t be around alcohol: A lot of people assume that once you have an addiction, to alcohol for example, that you can never be around alcohol ever again. Every person is different, some people would prefer not to, but others see no problem with it anymore. It’s not easy to assume that just because someone doesn’t drink anymore, doesn’t mean they can’t grab dinner with someone who happens to be drinking.


There are many more myths when it comes to recovery. The bottom line is that you can’t believe everything you hear and read. Everyone is different, with a different story and everyone can achieve their goals with the right support.