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Things to do in Palm Beach County in 2021 While Staying Sober


Living in Palm Beach County offers its residents a lot of fun opportunities and events to attend throughout the year. While a lot of events major in alcohol, there are a lot of events without and some which you can avoid the temptations. There is something for everyone here in Palm Beach County to have fun in 2021 while remaining sober and healthy. No matter where you go in 2021, make sure that you follow the appropriate CDC guidelines about COVD-19. So, wear a mask, keep your distance, but have fun! If 2021 is anything like 2020, some of the events may eventually have to be canceled, but thinking positively, here are the typically planned events for the year.


The Palm Beach Show
For those of you who like the arts, jewelry, and collectibles, the Palm Beach Show is the event for you. This event brings private collectors, museum curators, high-end designers, and people like you, to view collections of jewelry, art, antiques, and more. There are special installations and interactive opportunities, as well as performance art.


Delray Beach Open
Calling all tennis lovers! The Delray Beach Open features a competitive, single-elimination tennis matches with some of the most talented and famous athletes from around the world.


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival
The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is a fun event for the whole family. Explore downtown Lake Worth’s shops and restaurants while viewing the work of extremely talented artists, who do all their work in chalk! You will be amazed of how realistic and intricate these chalk masterpieces are. Make sure you have a camera!


Spring Training games
Baseball lovers rejoice! Not one, not two, but four baseball teams practice right here in Palm Beach County. You can see the Spring Training games of the Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, and Houston Astros, all in your backyard. These games typically don’t tend to break the bank, and there is typically a lot of tickets available since there are so many games to choose from.


The Honda Classic
The Honda Classic is a huge event for any golf fan. This event is a big one in the golf world, featuring famous and talented golfers from around the world. This course was redesigned in 2014 and is now infamous for the “Bear Trap”. Plus, The Honda Classic is located at PGA National which is a beautiful venue, complete with a spa, if you aren’t into the golf thing for a week straight.


Turtle Fest
This free event is a great one for families. Here you get interact with some of nature’s quietest creatures… the turtle! Attending Turtle Fest will even provide you with a sense of pride, visiting these endangered creatures and learning ways in which you can help them. This event even features art, shopping, games, and live music. Plus, maybe it will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about volunteering.


Sunfest is one of the most famous and most popular events in Palm Beach County. Filled with famous musical acts, cool fashion, and fun food. You don’t need anything to have fun here except a love for music. Just grab a chair or a blanket and enjoy the (usually) sunny skies, festival food, and great music. With a lineup of 20+ acts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


All things food
If it’s one thing we do right in Palm Beach County, it’s food. Palm Beach County features tons of different events that revolve around something we all love and enjoy… food. There are restaurant months for the different cities, where different restaurants promote special and/or pre-fix menus for a great price. Flavor Palm Beach is a huge event that brings together all the best restaurants in the county in one room, allowing you to walk around and sample everything you can. The Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival is a month-long event that has different specialty dinners, lunches, and breakfasts each night, followed by a huge tasting event on the last night. While all these events are a deliciously great time, be sure to avoid any temptation of alcohol or other vices.


2021 has the potential to be a great year with tons of fun things to do, even for those in recovery. However, no matter what it is important to stay safe and healthy, not only for your sobriety but also for COVID-19 regulations. Keep positive in all aspects and hopefully, these events will go on as scheduled and you can have a great time in your sobriety.