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New Year, Even Better You


2020 was a tough year, to say the least. Between COVID-19, quarantining, fights over toilet paper, no traveling, working from home, being furloughed… the list could really go on and on. Nonetheless, 2020 is now behind us and 2021 is here. No matter what happens in 2021, be determined to make 2021 the year of YOU.


Continue going to meetings
Just because it is the start of the new year, it doesn’t mean everything you worked for the previous year goes to waste. It’s important to continue to go to meetings on your weekly (or whatever your chosen duration is) basis. Continue to meet with your sponsor and keep them abreast as to what is going on in your life.


Pick up a hobby
When January 1st comes along it can seem like there is a year of possibilities ahead. But it also can be quite daunting, knowing that there are 365 days ahead of you. Days that you are unsure of what’s to come. But something that can help with that feeling of anxiety or uneasiness can be solved by starting a hobby. Picking up a sport, trying your hand at creative writing, giving painting a go, or even joining a group club, could help you get your mind on track and staying busy with beneficial activities.


Exercise more
Exercising brings you endorphins, endorphins are key to boosting your happiness levels… even though it may not feel like it twenty minutes into your run. Whatever activity you choose, and there are a bunch of them, it can help provide you with a generally positive feeling. It will help to hear your body and brain. You can go to the gym, play a pickup game, go on a bike ride, try some yoga, or even just going for a walk can help you feel better and provide structure to get you through the day.


Make new friends
Making new friends can be hard, even when not in recovery. But for those in recovery, it doesn’t mean you must only make friends with those also in recovery. It’s important to make friends that match your new spirit and where you want to be, they don’t have to necessarily be sober, but they should have similar hobbies and a general outlook of life. To find these friends, you can try social media or even meet-up groups, like those on meetup.com, places like the gym, development retreats, workshops, classes, and more.


Reconnect with those you love
The new year can be a good opportunity to reconnect with those you may have lost connection with. Make amends without making yourself upset or feel guilty for anything that had happened in the past. But it’s a great start to get closure or even to start anew with those you love and growing your relationship with them in the upcoming year.


There is a multitude of different accomplishments you can achieve in 2021 and beyond. The important thing is to stay focused on your recovery no matter what, but at the same, teaching yourself new things and exploring all the possibilities of who you can become.


Let go of your past, keep the lessons you learned, and start planning a bright and magical future!