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Dealing with Holidays During Recovery


The holidays can be a difficult time for anybody. With families mixing and coming together, buying gifts, traveling, and doing your best to make the holiday season happy, it can be quite the task. This often leads to stress, fights, and more in the struggle for perfection. Add on to the fact that you are an addict in recovery, this could make things even more difficult.


Be honest
It is important that you let the people around you know that you are in recovery, especially during the holidays. It is critical that people know not to offer you an alcoholic beverage or recreational drugs when you are visiting friends or family or when they are visiting you. That way you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or awkward turning down the offer or even be tempted to accept it.


Surround yourself with good influences
Let’s face it, whether or not we are in recovery, some people are bad influences. Stay away from the people in your life that will bring on the urge to use or drink. It’s also a good idea to stay away from old friends who can’t have a good time or can’t catch up without drugs or alcohol. Stay safe and be around the people who understand your recovery and are influential in your recovery. Be around those who bring you up, not down.


Treat yourself!
Treat yourself by baking Christmas cookies and drinking hot chocolate with a family member or friend. Plan something fun that can distract you enough, but also give you a taste of the holiday feel, like taking a quick trip to a snowy place, shopping for loved ones, or decorating.


Keep busy and plan activities that you can enjoy
Just like when you were treating yourself, under that category is planning activities you enjoy. The keyword being plan. Don’t wait to fall on someone else’s schedule, because their idea of fun might be something you are uncomfortable with at your current state. Instead, plan trips to look at holiday lights or to see a Christmas movie. Visiting friends or family with young kids can help keep you in a safe and friendly holiday spirit. If you are going out of town, plan visits around town to museums or outdoor activities different from your norm.


Check yourself
Remind yourself of all your accomplishments and all you hope to accomplish. Take some time to keep to yourself by meditating or relaxing to music. Let your mind relax and destress. Plus, it is always important that you continue to go to your meetings, even if you out of town.


In the end, the holidays can be a wonderful time for you to reflect on all you accomplished this past year and

everything you are looking forward to doing in the next, all while enjoying that special time of year with family and friends.