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How to Have Fun in Recovery in West Palm Beach, Florida


Just because you are in recovery or new to sobriety, doesn’t mean you have to live a boring life. Right here in South Florida, West Palm Beach to be even more specific, there are tons of things for you to do solo or with your friends and family. Whether it’s going out or staying in, there is no reason for you to ever feel bored!


Here are some ideas of ways to have fun in recovery in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Get outside!
Living in South Florida, we have access to some of the nicest beaches. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is a great beach, with even better views. They offer not only opportunities for lounging on the sand, but you could also try your hand at surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or even kite surfing. Some other beaches to try are Peanut Island and Lakeside Park. If you’re not a fan of the beach, there are plenty of grassy parks around like Anchorage Park or even dog parks like the one at Lilac Park.


Learn something new.
Ever wanted to pick up guitar or piano? Places like School of Rock, D & Y Studios, and TR Music & Voice Lessons offer classes to get your mind off your addiction and onto something  you can strive to be better at. Maybe you are interested in trying your hand at art? Clay Haus, Craft Haus, Art Cellar, and Hammer & Stain DIY are fun classes to experiment with different types of art. If you are more on the studious track, you could always take some classes at Palm Beach State College.


What better way to get the right endorphins moving than to exercise? All of the above parks and beaches allow for some outdoor exercise, or for some group fitness classes or gyms. There are quite a few gyms such as, LA Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and Planet Fitness around to see which one you would enjoy best. Depending on your style you could have group classes, solo exercise work, pools, squash, and basketball courts.


Spend some time with the animals.
Love animals but not ready to have one yourself? Maybe you need a few good volunteering sessions. There are many places to volunteer around the county, in West Palm Beach, there is Gaisha, Tundra & Spirit’s Place Husky Rescue and Adopt A Cat Foundation. You can work with the animals directly or maybe work behind the scenes in a specialty field. Further south in the county there is Justin Bartlett, Second Chance, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Peggy Adams, and more.


Anyone up for a game night?
In the house or out of the house, game night is always a fun time! If you want to get out, try your hand at escape rooms with Extraordinary Escape Rooms. Maybe bowling is more your style at Bowlero in Jupiter. If you feel like staying home, Jack Box Games have a wide variety of trivia-style games for small to large groups of people that always ends up being a lot of fun. Plus, games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme are always good for a laugh.


Become a foodie.
Just because you can’t drink, doesn’t mean you can’t eat. There are so many restaurants all around the county and even in West Palm Beach. Sara’s Kitchen and Paris in Town are great breakfast spots, whereas La Fontana, Carmine’s, Waterway Café, Christopher’s Kitchen, Frigate’s and Pelican Café can make great lunches and dinners, just to name a few.


Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place to live. And volunteering is a two-way street: It will benefit you as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time to give service to others helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills. volunteering can enrich your own life in so many ways.  Check community organizations such as United Way, Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity as well as local hospitals, fire houses, nursing homes and schools.



There are honestly countless other things to do in South Florida to fill your time with fun and exciting things. Start locally in West Palm Beach and then make your way around other parts of the county for more experiences. See the WestPalm Beach calendar here for events available and find ways to have fun in West Palm Beach, Florida.