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Relapse and Suicide Rates Rise Amid the Pandemic


Stefanie Valentic from EHSToday explores the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and substance use in America. The CDC partnered with The Recovery Village to collect data across all 50 states, finding a 62% increase in reported substance use.

In order to better understand the pandemic’s impact, Valentic interviewed Tim Ryan, a recovering addict who founded the non-profit A Man In Recovery after his featured role in A&E’s documentary “Dope Man.” Ryan emphasizes that the pandemic has not only led to higher relapse rates among addicts, but also it has contributed to a significant increase in suicide rates as well as mental health call-ins: “Alcohol sales up 250%…suicide is up 1000%. Mental health phone calls are up 800%.” In light of the shocking trends, Ryan asserts that addiction- and mental health-based education is essential for businesses, family members, and communities to effectively combat “a pandemic within a pandemic.” Full Article Here