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Jack The Bike Man In West Palm Beach


At Reprieve Recovery Center, we emphasize that recovery is all about giving back to the community and being productive members of society. Some members of our community headed down to volunteer with Jack the Bike Man in West Palm Beach this week. The Reprieve community partnered with Jake the Bike Man to deliver over 10,000 “Thank You” letters to all the patrons who have contributed to the philanthropy over the years. Reprieve Recovery Center also collaborated with Jack the Bike Man during the holidays by participating in Jack in the Bike Man’s annual Christmas bike giveaway. Several members of our community helped Jack and his staff hand out over 1,700 bikes and helmets to children. The event was a huge success. The local non-profit is a bike shop that plays a positive role in the recovery community. Jack the Bike Man has always opened its doors to people in recovery and even has several members in recovery on its payroll.