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The Impact of COVID-19 Isolation on Substance Abuse Recovery


Good Morning America's Deborah Roberts interviews a sober blogger, an addiction professional, and the CEO and co-founder of the recovery-based virtual support system to investigate how individuals in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism are coping with COVID-19 quarantine and isolation. Harmony Hobbs, blogger and recovering alcoholic, highlights how isolation is a trigger for many people who struggle with substance abuse, which may increase one's susceptibility to relapse. Fortunately, resources are available to combat some of the negative effects of federal- and state-mandated quarantines on the recovery community. Roberts and her interviewees explore how online platforms such as Zoom and Monument can be used to connect recovering addicts and alcoholics, providing them with a virtual sober support network as well as a sense of community to help lessen the emotional toll of loneliness, frustration, and uncertainty that looms in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.